Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rocky Cliff Wooden Bungalow…

Today we are going to tell you about a perfect tourist destination where you can relax yourself after a busy routined life. How do you like to spend a night at a wooden Bungalow isolated among high serene mountains? Count stars from the balcony and watch the glittering lights on the mountains, we believe that the description itself takes you to a dreamy world. Then here is what you are looking for. The Place is Rocky Cliff Wooden Bungalow…

Let us describe the adoring cottage. This wooden cottage has one bedroom, living room, balcony, dining room and a kitchen. This is a spacious cottage, which can easily accommodate from two people up to six people. If it is a group of boys, this cottage can even accommodate up to 10. In addition to that, visitors can use tents for extra persons.

Now your concern is about food, right? Do not worry about that. If you provide all the supplies to the caretakers, they will prepare you a great meal. Of course, they will take care of the bites as well. If one is yearning for a meal with rice and curry or for an Indian meal, wait until the best meal on Earth is served. However, make sure you provide the needful.

What do you need to know now? Sanitary facilities? The main wooden cottage has a super clean toilet and a bathroom. For those who use the tents have clean washrooms and open shower facilities. There is also beautiful waterfall and a waterspout at the end of the land to have showers with the nature.

Now lights, there is no light bulbs at the Bungalow. Lanterns and Gas Lamps will chase away the darkness for you. The torch kept at every bed will be there for you in an emergency. The management will take the responsibility of charging mobile phones. All you need to do is hand them over the switched off phone at night, and in the morning you will have a fully charged phone.

With all these, what is there for sightseeing in Kotmale? You can go for a tour at the Kotmale Hydraulic Power station and Upper Kotmale Hydraulic power station. Since Kandy is just 40km away and Nuwaraeliya is 30km away, you have the capability of visiting places around those areas too. If anyone does not want to leave the premises, they can also spend the leisure time by playing outdoor activities like Badminton, Volley Ball, and indoor activities like Chess, and Carom. If you are into cycling, the management will also provide the necessary equipments for cycling around the area. In addition to that, facilities for hiking in the jungle and bird watching are also available. Also, for those who love adventure, there is a special package with adventure sports.

Now, let us talk about money. The cost only to spend a night here is Rs. 7500. If camping at the premises Rs. 500 will be charged from each person. If anybody is expecting to camp here, then there should be at least five in the group. Additionally, charges will differ according to the service. As an example, the honeymooners will get discounts and the adventure lovers have special packages.

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  1. Price only to spend the night here is Rs. 7500th If camping on the premises of Rs. 500 will be charged from each person. If one expects to camp here, then it should be at least five in the group.

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