Monday, March 14, 2011

The Very First Post

Sri Lanka is a petite gem in the Indian Ocean. Despite of its size exploring the country takes ages. I am Abeetha Edirisinghe, Managing Director of the Explore Lanka International (pvt) Limited. There are many fascinating places hidden around country. We are on the lookout for those and then unleash the details as soon as we find them. At this point, I must thank Janani, the author of the blog ‘Butterfly Thoughts’ for translating the Sinhala posts to English.

Sri Lanka is popular travel destination among many travelers around the world. According to ‘Travel and Living Channel, one of the popular TV Channels, Sri Lanka is the second best tourist destination in the world. Do you know why? Sri Lanka is the only country that can be reached to any climate within just four hours. It is with great pleasure that we bring you all the details about our heritage and maginificent sceneries

Important tourist destinations
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In addition, you can inquire about anything regarding tourist destinations.
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