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Explore Lanka International – One stop Party and Event Consultancy Service

Explore Lanka international is proudly announcing the tailor-made event management services for all kinds of gatherings taking place in Sri Lanka. If you are a party lover , this article would be a definite bookmark for you. How did you manage your corporate gathering last time? Were you one of the organizers who missed the party fun and took all pressures till the end? How about a responsible event Manager organizing, coordinating and handling the entire occasion, while you ‘Party to the fullest’? All you need to do is attend on the day! Not a bad idea, ha?

Which Event?

Is it your annual workshop at a star hotel? An outbound training program? A Christmas dinner dance? A corporate entertainment event? A formal seminar? A product launch? A Family gathering ? A wedding? A graduation ball? A theme party ?a religious ceremony?

We are delighted to give you a truly wonderful hassle-free event.

Memories of Explore Lanka as Trip Organizers

Recall the wonderful memories we- Explore Lanka International have achieved as your leisure travel organizer. Still remember the outstanding service of explore Lanka international?

We supported you to decide and find the best destination, delicious food and affordable hotels
with the exact facilities and room rates of your choice.

We guaranteed the quality Vehicles in the best condition, safety driving even suitable for long
distance traveling .

So, don’t plan your next party without the party organizers Explore Lanka International!

Music – That keeps Going !

Some of you , will never want to miss Music - classical , jazz , calypso , rock or whatever you wish to listen , to lighten and brighten the event! Live music can change the atmosphere in to a wonderful one. A One that keeps event going in a lively and a creative way. The bands and tracks you like , no longer be needed to plan for days, instead, let us just know your taste. We – the explore Lanka international – the highly experienced solution provider for even handling will make things happen your way !

A hassle-free Event

if you are the organizer, sure you haven’t enjoyed till the end, last time. Your concern was to organize, not to party with your colleagues. Why not let us organize everything for you. Explore Lanka is passionate to take the responsibility of the total event , and lets you have fun !

Explore Lanka is catering all kinds events as excellent event managers, while being providers of party materials and resources as well. A corporate gathering, family trip, a leadership training, a seminar or a DJ night, a farewell, a birthday party of your kid, or simply any adults or children’s event you need proper planning – now is not a hassle anymore.

If you are out of the country, but still you need someone’s hand to plan, reserve and manage everything here, Explore Lanka International guarantees the best. Until you arrive, we can coordinate the event as you need.

Resource Supply

We supply a huge range of outstanding hotels , vehicles , resource provides, entertainers, party huts and décor , saving your entire time for having fun . We spend time coordinating every moment , spending the total duration with you, and we will be right there for any need.

Our Packages

The rentals and our rates are totally negotiable . Well, it fully depends on your requirements . Explore Lanka international will design at least 4 packages for your event from Luxury to Economy levels. You are given freedom to pick and choose things for your need, these can be as structured or as relaxed as you would like.

Some Memories

Have a look at some of the events we have organized . We - in explore Lanka International are delighted to help whether it is for a small private party at home to a full-blown corporate event to make your dream event a perfect and a hassle-free one!

We guarantee that you will not find any company as passionate about making your event special like Explore Lanka International !

Contact us

So why take the pressure of next event ?? We can help make your next event a success – and with less effort too! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries

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