Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lets Camp Again at Meemure ! (Meemure Camping Article 2 )

 Part 01 

It made me write this at my earliest possibility after noticing your positive and promising comments for Article 1. So, I thought of bringing you package 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

However Many Readers had doubts about few aspects which I didn’t mention in the previous article, specially about kids participation and sanitary facilities.

Let us first clarify and discuss your comments and questions.

Question 1 : How about the Payment rates for kids ?
Answer : You may have to bear a cost of only 50% of the total per person rate, for your kid/s between 6 to 12     years of age. And here we offer a 100% discount for the little ones below 6 years of age. It’s totally FREE !

Question 2 : How about the sanitary facilities and services provided by Explore Lanka International ?
Answer : Don’t worry ! We set clean , movable, temporary lavatories. One set for shared use by 5 tourists.

Question 3 : Can the tourist group be larger than 12? Is there any package set for large groups ?
Answer : Of course , yes . There is. We can arrange the tour for a maximum of 22 tourists.

Question 4 : How about a small group ? A group lesser than 12 ?
Answer : Still , YES ! Please check the package 2 and 3 below for more details.

Package 2

I really doubt, this package suits Meemure, but I promise, you deserve this package if you love to stay few days in a luxury hotel while enjoying the beauty and comfort of wonderful climate at Meemure. Especially this suits for a group with little kids, and for those in special physical or medical conditions, still be fond of tasting the nature’s beauty. Here we bring a luxury hotel at the knuckles range, with all amenities. (Please see the Photograph below) . You can choose to stay in luxury tents or cabanas, and taste delicious meals provided by the hotel. You can enjoy the hospitality of the friendly, hotel service staff, 100% assured security and every luxury facility you need, at a rate of SLR 5500.00 per person. Explore Lanka International is ready to arrange comfortable acccomodation for you, while sight-seeing the mountain range , Meemure village at the lowest rate.

Package 3
This package is totally designed and supported by Explore Lanka International. Why not Young and Energetic you, try an unforgettable journey to Meemure, full of PURE ADVENTURE and FUN ???? I bet this is so fun, and interesting and this is full of team work, youth adventure and freedom! How about us, learn and try making a Camp tent on a rocky plain? Make some BBQ at night? Cook a rugged but delicious dinner at the camp fire? Do you remember the rocky plain and the waterfall where the movie “Suriya Arana” was filmed? It is exactly where we camp! Sure you need help , to make this pure adventure true ! Yes, we will come and help you have that adventure night . We all are practically camping out there! Camp fire, BBQ, and the Maximum FUN! This will only cost about SLR 3500.00 per person. Here is the travel plan for reaching Meemure . A train - trip to Kandy (via the Colombo-Kandy Intercity Train) should be taken, and you will have to take a bus to “Lool Kandura”. After all , and an interesting energetic walk of 13KM ! (Yes, it is exclusively for young adventurers! And it is an exclusive Adventure Trail! )

Here we brought all our information , Now it’s time for your reservations. And it’s all designed to suit anyoneof any age , any group and any requirement you are looking for.

We- Explore Lanka International – are here for organizing this EXCLUSIVE experience of Falling in love with Knuckles Mountains and Meemure Nature Enchantment ! Call us on,

Contact Numbers   :    +94714449162
e- mail address      : abeetha0325@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meemure – Experience the luxury Camping and flavor of the real country life !

Its Travelling time for few of our cyber-buddies once again. I heard they are really busy planning for a trip to Meemure!!!

I bet this is going to be one of the best outdoor experiences in their various nature trails. And Meemure is the Best Camping you can ever have in Sri Lanka.

Geographically, this small isolated village is located near the border between Kandy district and Matale District, in the Knuckles Mountain Range. Meemure is one of the most remote villages in Sri Lanka, with the only access via a 14km trail from the town of Loolwatte. (Wikipedia)

This is exactly for travelers seeking to taste the village life style and some rugged walk experience, away from urban lives and sophisticated technologies. Some may prefer to have a luxurious stay in a hotel while sightseeing the village, where as most of the others prefer camping experience. And the campsite cannot be compared to any, especially at Meemure, I bet.

We, Explore Lanka international the pioneers for providing all standard facilities at any destination have set a special package for camping at Meemure.

Package 1

In fact - this is my favorite mode of stay at Meemure. Well, this is a luxury Campsite, inside the jungle!! The package includes, meals, BBQ, Campfire at night, Music and interesting adventure activities too. If you wish, we may arrange beverages and liquor as well.

It is a 100% tent camping night u spends, supported by comfortable furniture and linen.

We welcome you, and start at Kandy and bring you from Kandy to Meemure camp site by a 4-wheeled vehicle. During the journey, you have the opportunity to try the adventure activities and walks set by the organizers. (Please see the captures)

Explore Lanka International takes the responsibility for safety and security of their travelers, (except the leeches ) . This is an enjoyable experience for anyone who loves travelling and nature.

Explore Lanka International welcomes a minimum number of 12 travelers for this package, at a reasonable cost of SLR 5200 per traveler(inclusive food, vehicle, tents, beds, linen and other equipment).

Call us, Reserve this journey with us, explore and feel the nature and village life at Meemure with the best outdoor campsite you ever had – with Explore Lanka International.

Please await the details of 2nd and 3rd packages soon !

Contact Numbers :      +94714449162

e- mail address   : abeetha0325@gmail.com

 Part 02 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are You Looking for the best self-driven or Chauffeur Driven Vehicle?

Hi Friends.. Explore Lanka International is now ready to introduce another service of us.

( We will be continuing our post series on the journey to Galle , as the second post for the week) Yes , Here we discuss about the ‘Rent A Car’ Service provided by the Explore Lanka International. Our Mission is to give you the best vehicle you are looking for, for the most reasonable rate .

We know it isn’t that easy to find a reliable self – driven vehicle as a wedding car , or when you are back to Sri Lanka for your vacation. Explore Lanka International is ready to cater your self- driven vehicle need , in a jiffy ! (Although some conditions may apply)

Here are the conditions to rent a car from explore Lanka International, 

Number one requirement is to prove your identity and permanent Residence. Please forward your request through one of our premium customer’s approval, otherwise.

A Payment of 10,000/= is essential in advance.

Our Customer Service Agreement should be agreed and signed before acquiring the service.

Our Staff is ready to work out, to select the winning combination of vehicle scale with maximum quality and safety assured on negotiable conditions!

The Rental for a vehicle, it purely depends on the type and brand of the vehicle and the rental period. The Monthly Rent ranges from SLR 30,000 to SLR 200,000. If you wish to rent a vehicle on daily basis , the vehicle rent may vary from SLR 1500 to SLR 20,000 . We guarantee the best and the most reasonable rental in Sri Lanka , with the safest and Most Reliable transportation medium.

At Any Time of the Day, Our customer service is open for inquiries and booking via the contacts provided below.

Here is another service for those who own vehicles.

Are you willing to lend your vehicle for a reliable rent a car service? We are ready to join hands with you as a vehicle provider, to Explore Lanka International , at attractive Payment schemes.

Explore Lanka’s mission is to expand and improve the quality of services provided to all kinds of your Transportation needs throughout the country; thus treating you truly as a royalty.

Remember us , when you need a vehicle !

Call us on

Contact Numbers : +94714449162

e- mail address   : abeetha@explorelankainternational.com

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Would you join us on a trip to Galle along Western coast? Part 02

 Part 01 

You might remember from the first chapter of this series we arrived at wadduwa from Colombo. From here onwards, our route becomes a village face. Except Kaluthara, all the other cities were built around the tourism industry, also around all these cities there is a tragic memory one can hardly forget. On December 26, 2004, a giant tsunami wave hit the coast and destroyed everything it met with. Many people lost their lives, even those who survived lost either their property or family, and for some both. However, now a visitor can witness how the courage and the motivation they earned through the tragedy have brought these city dwellers back to their feet.

When you move passing Wadduwa, the first destination is historical Kaluthara city. It is said that Kaluthara was previously a port of river Kalu. In Sinhala, it was known as Kaluthota, and by usage, it has become Kaluthara. The majestic pagoda and the Bo tree near the river Kalu automatically add a historical touch to the city. Almost every vehicle moving along the road stops at the Bo tree. The railway bridge, which passes parallel to the main bridge spanning more than 40m, enhances the tourist attraction. Star hotels like, Tangerin, Ramada, Hibiscus, Royal Palm Beach and also some inexpensive hotels along the coast solves the problem of accommodation in Kaluthara.

Richmond Castle, Kaluthara

Have you visited Richmond castle? You meet this glorious house, when you take a left turn from Kaluthara. This is a house with history of more than 100 years and has a marvelous architecture. The proud owner of this house is Mudliyar Pandikaara mudali Nanayakkara Rajawasala appuhamilage Don Arthur de Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardena.  Natural Air conditioning systems, stunning glass windows enhances the marvel of this house. Now this house belongs to the public trustee.

When you pass Kaluthara, you see the first coast, which runs along the main road at Payagala. The beauty of this beach is enhanced by the coconut cult beside the beach. Have you ever looked at the top of the coconut tree? The coconut toddy distilling areas start here. However, do not rush to drink toddy. I will tell you where you can find the best toddy in the area.

Passing Payagala and Maggona  next destination is Aluthgama. Aluthgama kande viharaya, a sacred temple, is always filled with devotees. Before you enter aluth gama city there is a beautiful hidden beach. Have you heard about Kaluwamodara beach? As soon as you pass the Bentara beach you’re your right is the Benthara National tourist zone. 

Water Sports at Bentota

Benthota is the second tourist paradise on this route. Many star class hotels, tourist Bungalows, and cheap hotels are there to fulfill the accommodation needs of the tourists. Basking under the sun, spas, gymnasiums, gem, Batik, masks shops are some of the facilities that tourists can enjoy in this zone. This zone is very popular for water sports such as Jet skiing, donut boat, banana boat rides, high speed boat rides as well as fishing in the deep sea. 

When you are passing Bentara, you come across Benthota restaurant in the seaside. A restaurant governed by the Ceylon Hotel Cooperation, this provides you with delicious and clean meals. If you are going for a day trip this is the best place to have breakfast.

Next, you enter the city Induruwa, a hard hit area of tsunami and also a village with a beautiful beach. One of the most popular star class hotels in Sri Lanka, Induruwa beach hotel is situated here. Here you can see toddy barrels along the sides of the main road. Remember I told you not to rush at Payagala. Now it is the right place. If you are passing this place between six to ten in the morning do not forget to taste a glass of toddy with salt.

Our next destination is Kosgoda. Most popular here is the Sea Turtle Conservation center. For those who are interested on turtles, this is the ideal place to be. You get the opportunity to see turtle eggs, infant turtles, and also different turtle species. If you are lucky enough you can join to find turtle babies. Around 200m from left from the conservation center is the Sanchi pickle shop. You can taste jaadi, a food made from fish found only in the southern Sri lanka, at this place.

Now we will come to Ahungalla. One of the Five star class hotels in Sri Lanka, Heritance ahungalla is situated here. Sometimes ago there was another zoo in Ahungalla. Now the hotel is built in that land.

Mangrooves Safari at Madu River

Passing Ahungalla, next you enter Balapitiya. Here you have the opportunity to go on a boat ride at the beautiful River Madhu. Madhu River being one of the best places to see Kadolana Mangroves, you can visit Kothdoowa Raja maha viharaya and cinnamon manufacturing at the Cinnamon island as a part of the tour. If you take all the needful, you can also camp at one of the islands at the river. 

It is enough for today, right? A little longer post. Then let us meet again from our third chapter. Buckle up to leave Balapitiya and go up to Galle. As usually I must tell you, if you want to get these tours arranged or for more details call on the following numbers or email.  

Contact Numbers : +94714449162
e- mail address   : abeetha@explorelankainternational.com