Friday, March 30, 2012

come feel the beauty of nothern beach to have a relaxing time

Since we did not tour for a long time, today we are trying to go on a trip to a place a little far away from Colombo. This place provides all most all the facilities without a hitch. It is the Eastern coast; one of the most beautiful and key tourist destinations of the country. This remarkable coast starts from Nilaveli and officially ends from Arugambe or Pothuwil, Panama beach. The coast includes stunning beaches, archeologically important places, and restricted forests.

We are planning to start our journey from Kokilayi Lagoon, which is situated in the North of Trincomalee. From that point onwards we will be touring to Kuchchuweli, Nilaveli, Uppuweli, Trincomalee, Kadiraweli, Vakare, Pasikuda, Kalkuda, Batticalo, Akkarayipaththu, Pothuwil, Panama and finish our voyage from Kumana bird paradise.

In the first episode, we are going towards south from Kokilayi Lagoon. That is on the A15 road. The road starts from Alimankada and goes through Trincomalee to end from Batticaloa. Generally, this is known as the Batticalo Jaffna road. Thus, we are getting ready here to travel on this road from Kokilayi to Trincomalee.

Kokilayi Lagoon, a beautiful Bird Sanctuary, now is peaceful after a 30 years old brutal war. The specialty of the Kokilayi Lagoon is the tall trees near the beach. Though it is said that the place is a residence for various animals, no such records have been reported after the war. However, this is an ideal place to see, Spot Billed Pelican, one of the threatened species. Unfortunately, this splendid Kokilayi Lagoon is at the brink of severe environmental pollution.

After passing Kokilayi Lagoon, our next destination is Pulmoddai. It is a time consuming journey if the land road is taken. Travelling by sea is the easiest and the most entertaining way to come to Pulmoddai. This is the city where we have our Mineral Sands plant. This factory collects rough mineral sands from around Pulmoddai and manufactures minerals like Ilmanite and Monazite. It brings a significant proportion of foreign currency to the country.

Kuchchuweli is the next beach we meet when heading down from the coast. This is an ideal place to rest. After passing that beach next, we meet one of the most eye-catching beaches of the
country, Nilaveli Beach. This is the widest and prettiest beach among the Sri Lankan beaches. The blue ocean doubles the beauty. Tourists love this shallow and safe coast, because they can walk up to a kilometer towards the deep sea. The pigeon island, situated about five kilometers away from the beach, is also a stunning place to relax. Tourists can travel to the island from a boat and spend the day watching birds and enjoying thegolden sandy beach.

Leaving Nilaeveli and heading towards south you can spot another similar beach, Uppuweli. Uppuweli beach is a paradise to spend the night as same as Nilaveli. After this, you enter the Trincomalee town. The beach closest to the town, marble beach, is another popular tourist destination. If anyone seeking accommodation close to the beach, Sri Lanka Air Force has provided that facility for you.

Now you are in the beautiful Trincomalee town. Enjoy with your friends and rest. From our next episode, we will be touring around the Trincomalee town.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you live abroad? Expecting to do the wedding in Sri Lanka?

With the very busy work schedules, we had to maintain a long silent period after the article series of ‘kabaliththa.’ Today we are going to tell you about yet another special service our company provides. As you know, we have introduced many services for the Sri Lankans who live abroad.

Providing transportation, booking hotels and advising on how to spend the holiday efficiently are some services we provide. What we are about announced is another service that can bring a relief for the youngsters who live abroad. That is we can organize your wedding ceremony as you wish, and according to a theme you want for a very affordable price. Let us tell you more details on that.

If you and your girl friend both live abroad, when organizing a wedding in Sri Lanka you will face many difficulties. We will now list some of those below.

1. Difficulty in contacting right service providers… (Bridal dressing, Photographers, florists, and people who does Poruwa ceremony and other religious ceremonies)

In this, many fall into the tragedy of selecting their service provider by looking at the name. In addition, you will not be able to see any of the samples. Therefore, on the day of the wedding you will face a difficult situation of not having anything you expected. In this particular matter why our service is important, we are well connected with the service providers here. So, the moment you call and tell us the theme you want, we know exactly who to contact. Then you can contact them and come to a correct decision.

2. Practical difficulties of working with Sri Lanka

Sometimes your friends in Sri Lanka or parents and siblings might be helping you. However, when they work according to your needs, while balancing their day-to-day chores problems can occur at the same time, time and relationships will be at risk. However, when you are taking our service your own coordinator will handle everything without a problem.

3. Difficulties in doing a wedding for your own theme.

It is common to see many components of traditional themed weddings such as Kandyan, Indian, and Western or new themes like Sky, Ocean, Wind and Forest or any other themed weddings go out of the theme. When you partner with us, we will make sure that everything from the tiniest detail will be according to the theme.

4. Exceeding the budget

When you contact service providers from abroad, you will face the problem of going beyond the budget when service providers keep on adding extra unnecessary charges. When you collaborate with us, what you need to do is to tell us the budget and the wedding of your dreams. You will definitely feel the difference.  

5. Problem with hotels

Not having a proper idea about the hotels where Wedding ceremony as well as the Homecoming will be held would lead to the problem of paying to hall, which does not have a value for money at all. Even at this point, since we will be thoroughly guiding you about the menus and other services provided by the hotel coming to a decision will be easy. Not only that instead of going to a hotel with a better name to have a hotel experience, it is always better to go to a hotel that provides exclusive service for the honeymooners. In this way, you will gain the experience of a romantic honeymoon.
We can talk more on this topic later. 

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