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Come for white water rafting along the Kelani River

First, I must apologize for not being able to put up a blog post for sometime due to my busy schedule. However, as soon as you see the topic, you will remember the exact place where you can go on these rides. Further explanations are unnecessary the place is Kithulgala. According to my experiences, Kithulgala is the ideal place for one-day trips. The prehistoric Belilena, the setting and the ruins of the Oscar awarded film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, low country wet zone forests, picturesque tea estates and rubber estates makes Kithulgala the perfect tourist destination. Adventure activities around the River Kelani attract visitors mostly.

Therefore, this post is dedicated for those who wish to visit Kithulgala. First, let me to tell you how to each this magnificent destination. Mainly there are our routes to reach Kithulgala. For those who live in Colombo, West coast and even in Southern Parts of the Island, the easiest route is coming to Awissawella, then take the right turn from Karawanella and reach Kithulgala via Yatiyanthota. The residents of  kurunegala, Kegalle, even who lives around Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwa, Trincomalee and Jaffna can reach Kithulgala passing Kegalle, Galigamuwa, Ruwanwella and turn left from Karawanella thereafter the first town after Yatiyanthota is Kithulgala. For those who come from Kandy, Gampola and Matale, the best route is coming to Ginigathhena via Nawalapitiya and turn right. Also those who live around Central Mountains can come to Ginigathhena via Hatton and then turn left to Kithulgala.

Kitulgala Beli Lena
Before going any further, let us talk about Belilena. This is a cave, which has a history of around 25000
years. Belilena belongs to the mid rock era Mesolithic era). The cave complex consists of three caves, and the entrance of the main cave is around 60 feet while the cave is 40 feet high. The gorgeous waterfall, which falls from top of Belilena to the foot of the cave, doubles the beauty of the atmosphere. The carbon tests done so far, had identified parts of round 30 people.

Next I’m going to tell you about the background setting of the world famous movie ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’. Still there is a hanging bridge in that place. This movie, which was related to the Second World War, was out on screens in 1957. From the movie setting, which brought seven Oscar awards and many more awards, only the pits and the steel parts remain here.

Then comes the environment there… Visitors can witness the beauty of a low country wet zone forest. There are many animals like wild boars. Kehi Bella, or the Ceylon Blue Magpie, and Red Babbler, birds endemic to Sri Lanka, and spear headed lizard can also be seen here. If you are keen on water sports, Olu ella (Olu Fall) and a rock pool at the place will be ideal for you.

Now, White Water Rafting along the River Kelani is the most popular event at kithulgala. This adventures 45 minutes, four kilometers journey is an very whelming experience. Wearing Safety Jackets and Safety Helmets is necessary. Jumping four fatal jumps, falling from the boat, and fighting with the angry waves you will enjoy the journey to the fullest. The first five minutes you will lament for getting on to the boat, however within ten minutes those thought will vanish and you will love every second of it. At one point you will ride underneath the hanging bridge, and at another point you will get an opportunity to float on the water bed where the bottom of the river is 40 feet under you. We know you love the idea, but scared. Join us with our certified lifeguards to enjoy this amazing journey.

Therefore, I will stop the short post about kithulgala. Visit Kithulgala join us. Here are the details.

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