Friday, March 30, 2012

come feel the beauty of nothern beach to have a relaxing time

Since we did not tour for a long time, today we are trying to go on a trip to a place a little far away from Colombo. This place provides all most all the facilities without a hitch. It is the Eastern coast; one of the most beautiful and key tourist destinations of the country. This remarkable coast starts from Nilaveli and officially ends from Arugambe or Pothuwil, Panama beach. The coast includes stunning beaches, archeologically important places, and restricted forests.

We are planning to start our journey from Kokilayi Lagoon, which is situated in the North of Trincomalee. From that point onwards we will be touring to Kuchchuweli, Nilaveli, Uppuweli, Trincomalee, Kadiraweli, Vakare, Pasikuda, Kalkuda, Batticalo, Akkarayipaththu, Pothuwil, Panama and finish our voyage from Kumana bird paradise.

In the first episode, we are going towards south from Kokilayi Lagoon. That is on the A15 road. The road starts from Alimankada and goes through Trincomalee to end from Batticaloa. Generally, this is known as the Batticalo Jaffna road. Thus, we are getting ready here to travel on this road from Kokilayi to Trincomalee.

Kokilayi Lagoon, a beautiful Bird Sanctuary, now is peaceful after a 30 years old brutal war. The specialty of the Kokilayi Lagoon is the tall trees near the beach. Though it is said that the place is a residence for various animals, no such records have been reported after the war. However, this is an ideal place to see, Spot Billed Pelican, one of the threatened species. Unfortunately, this splendid Kokilayi Lagoon is at the brink of severe environmental pollution.

After passing Kokilayi Lagoon, our next destination is Pulmoddai. It is a time consuming journey if the land road is taken. Travelling by sea is the easiest and the most entertaining way to come to Pulmoddai. This is the city where we have our Mineral Sands plant. This factory collects rough mineral sands from around Pulmoddai and manufactures minerals like Ilmanite and Monazite. It brings a significant proportion of foreign currency to the country.

Kuchchuweli is the next beach we meet when heading down from the coast. This is an ideal place to rest. After passing that beach next, we meet one of the most eye-catching beaches of the
country, Nilaveli Beach. This is the widest and prettiest beach among the Sri Lankan beaches. The blue ocean doubles the beauty. Tourists love this shallow and safe coast, because they can walk up to a kilometer towards the deep sea. The pigeon island, situated about five kilometers away from the beach, is also a stunning place to relax. Tourists can travel to the island from a boat and spend the day watching birds and enjoying thegolden sandy beach.

Leaving Nilaeveli and heading towards south you can spot another similar beach, Uppuweli. Uppuweli beach is a paradise to spend the night as same as Nilaveli. After this, you enter the Trincomalee town. The beach closest to the town, marble beach, is another popular tourist destination. If anyone seeking accommodation close to the beach, Sri Lanka Air Force has provided that facility for you.

Now you are in the beautiful Trincomalee town. Enjoy with your friends and rest. From our next episode, we will be touring around the Trincomalee town.

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Do you live abroad? Expecting to do the wedding in Sri Lanka?

With the very busy work schedules, we had to maintain a long silent period after the article series of ‘kabaliththa.’ Today we are going to tell you about yet another special service our company provides. As you know, we have introduced many services for the Sri Lankans who live abroad.

Providing transportation, booking hotels and advising on how to spend the holiday efficiently are some services we provide. What we are about announced is another service that can bring a relief for the youngsters who live abroad. That is we can organize your wedding ceremony as you wish, and according to a theme you want for a very affordable price. Let us tell you more details on that.

If you and your girl friend both live abroad, when organizing a wedding in Sri Lanka you will face many difficulties. We will now list some of those below.

1. Difficulty in contacting right service providers… (Bridal dressing, Photographers, florists, and people who does Poruwa ceremony and other religious ceremonies)

In this, many fall into the tragedy of selecting their service provider by looking at the name. In addition, you will not be able to see any of the samples. Therefore, on the day of the wedding you will face a difficult situation of not having anything you expected. In this particular matter why our service is important, we are well connected with the service providers here. So, the moment you call and tell us the theme you want, we know exactly who to contact. Then you can contact them and come to a correct decision.

2. Practical difficulties of working with Sri Lanka

Sometimes your friends in Sri Lanka or parents and siblings might be helping you. However, when they work according to your needs, while balancing their day-to-day chores problems can occur at the same time, time and relationships will be at risk. However, when you are taking our service your own coordinator will handle everything without a problem.

3. Difficulties in doing a wedding for your own theme.

It is common to see many components of traditional themed weddings such as Kandyan, Indian, and Western or new themes like Sky, Ocean, Wind and Forest or any other themed weddings go out of the theme. When you partner with us, we will make sure that everything from the tiniest detail will be according to the theme.

4. Exceeding the budget

When you contact service providers from abroad, you will face the problem of going beyond the budget when service providers keep on adding extra unnecessary charges. When you collaborate with us, what you need to do is to tell us the budget and the wedding of your dreams. You will definitely feel the difference.  

5. Problem with hotels

Not having a proper idea about the hotels where Wedding ceremony as well as the Homecoming will be held would lead to the problem of paying to hall, which does not have a value for money at all. Even at this point, since we will be thoroughly guiding you about the menus and other services provided by the hotel coming to a decision will be easy. Not only that instead of going to a hotel with a better name to have a hotel experience, it is always better to go to a hotel that provides exclusive service for the honeymooners. In this way, you will gain the experience of a romantic honeymoon.
We can talk more on this topic later. 

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Visit the Ancient and Mysterious “Siyabalape Devala”,Kebaliththa(Yala National Park)

Here we are ready today, to share the 3rd article of Yala adventure series. We discussed the reaching routes to Kebaliththa, Preparations before visiting ‘Siyabalape Devala’ sacred shrine in the previous articles. This is the 2nd article about The sacred ‘Siyabalape Shrine Land’ at Kebaliththa. As we promised, today I am going to reveal the miracles at Devala, and Pooja Customs in the shrine. Today lets continue from the point of preparing the sacred Pooja for God Skandakumar, how to worship the god and amazing facts about this Pooja customs.

Preparation of the Pooja Offerings to God

Clean Water Pits
This is how the sacred Pooja was prepared. The sacred shrine of Kebaliththa has its unique and distinguished customs of preparing and arranging the holy offerings. The ultimate purity is considered as an essential need. Even the preparation should be done with great sense of respect and sacred mind to God Skandakumar. Mr. Madhushan guided us explaining how to arrange the Pooja from the beginning till the end, using his past experiences of this custom.

As the first thing, we had to dig 7 clean pits on the riverbank of ‘Kumbukkan Oya’. Each had to be dug by hand to ensure the purity. After that these had to be carefully covered with tree leaves and branches, ensuring the pits will be clean and away from dirt, animals and tree leaves. This is done to get the purest portion of water of the river, used for Pooja preparation.

The next step is the preparation of sacred offering to God(Pooja). Most of you must have heard of the unique offering of alms called ‘PaniBath’ or ‘Muruthan Bath’, which is a special meal prepared only as a devotion to sacred Gods or to Lord Buddha during holy consecrations. We are now ready to prepare the sacred offering ‘Pani Bath’.

The hearth is made with 3 stones and a canopy to respect the holiness of this preparation. The members taking part of this process should be careful to cover the face to avoid mixing any unclean material to the meal. This holy meal to God is a mixture of cooked rice, Sugar, Jaggery ,Green Grams and Plums. This holy meal has an extremely rich taste. This meal is then arranged to clean bowls and covered.
'Pani Bath' Preparation

Pooja Fruits Arrangement
Now we should arrange the sacred offering of fruits. This tray is made of 9 or 12 varieties of fruits. The devotees should cover the faces with gags before touching the fruits. (See the pictures). The betel leaves are arranged around the tray in a traditional pattern as seen on the picture. The varieties of fruits are cleaned with saffron mixed water and placed on the plate full of betel leaves, along with joss sticks , camphor and other offerings devoted in these Pooja.

Now it is the time to offer and devote this Pooja to God Skandakumar.

Consecration of the Pooja to God

Ready to Devote the Offerings
After the preparation of Pooja, we got cleaned ourselves again from the Kumbukkan Oya, bathing and dressing in full white clothes. Please make sure to wear a pure white dress like a sarong. It is said in the past that none of the women have visited this sacred land, however if a woman joins the occasion, it is suitable to wear a pure clean and white dress decent enough for a sacred offering at a religious Place. For gents, it is a custom be bear bodied and wear a traditional sarong. (You may have a similar experience, if you have been to the Kovil at Nalloor )

The Devala is situated 100 Metres away from the place we prepared the Pooja. As Buddhists we first did the offerings of flowers and lighting the oil lamps to the ancient Bo Tree resembling Lord Buddha, at Siyabalape before initiating the Pooja. holding the Pooja prepared , we headed to the Sacred shrine ‘Siyabalape Devala’, with the blesses of triple gems in hearts.
Bo Tree

The Shrine is extremely holy and mystic. The land is filled with absolute silence. You may experience such a spiritual feeling, rare, holy and godly and will never forget it for your lifetime. As we see in most of the other shrines devoted for gods, here you never see the dark chambers dedicated for gods, trance dances, brutalized chanting , prayers nor the collection boxes of donations.

As the folklore says, it is very hard to exclude the thought that the spirit of god Skandakumar still lives in this ancient sacred land. Indeed it is a land of God and holiness. We cleaned the sacred land and swept the shrine before the Pooja was offered. After that, we offered the Pooja to god Skandakumar, and prayed to god.

As an ancient custom, the devotees never turn back and walk away from the Shrine. Instead the devotees practice the custom of walking backwards to show the respect to the sacred land.

We worshipped the sacred Bo tree again and left the sacred land with full of holy thoughts towards God Skandakumar and lord Buddha.

Miracles at Kebaliththa

After the long discussion about the Pooja, let’s now share some amazing holy miracles about this ancient shrine. As the military soldiers around the land stated, one of the wild elephants seems to have a mystic relationship with this shrine. People call this giant “Devale Aliya’ (The elephant of the shrine). This giant seems to visit the shrine once or twice a week, and destroy all unnecessary constructions, re arrange and clean the sacred shrine before it leaves to jungle back. This is quite mystic and surprising how an elephant is devoted for the holiness of Devala, and respects the sacred Gods and Spirits in the land.

According to Mr.Madhushan, the devotees who are not serious about the customs, or the ones who visit the shrine without proper preparations, have had faced many unexplainable obstacles as a result of not showing respect towards the ancient sacred shrine. Overspillings of the Kumbukkan river, floods, missing the way towards shrine, getting lost in the jungle are some of the mystic interruptions such pilgrims have faced.

We returned from the holy shrine , with the hearts filled with sacred thoughts towards the amazing land of God Skandakumar. We kindly advice you not to test, challenge or experiment the powers of holy Gods and spirits, if you choose to visit this ancient Shrine ‘Siyabalape Devela’ at Kebaliththa.

This is one rare chance to visit a holy land where gods still live, feel the blesses of gods and an unforgettable experience of Sri Lankan customs while traveling.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Visit the ancient and mysterious “Siyabalape Devala” shrine at Kebaliththa in Yala National Park.

The ancient shrine called “Siyabalape Devala” at Kebaliththa
We started an interesting discussion on Yala National Park from the previous article. Click here, to read the article 1 – Introduction to Yala National Park. Today I am going to reveal a hidden treasure inside Yala Park – the ancient shrine called “Siyabalape Devala” at Kebaliththa- a place considered very sacred by devotees. This is not very well known to and chosen by the most of the Yala visitors, only a few , devote for this rare pilgrimage to visit this invaluable sacred masterpiece related to Sri Lankan legendary Tale.

We rarely plan a trip to Yala without including Katharagama, as many Sri Lankans are devotees of God Katharagama or Buddhists who don’t want to miss Kirivehera Temple. Buddhists first visit the Kirivehera followed by the Katharagama ancient Devala. The shrine called “Siyabalape Maha Devala” once again has an Mysterious relationship with the God Katharagama (also known as God Skandakumar) and well known for miracles (“Haskam”). Here are some facts we explored during the visit to the shrine.

Thammita Bo Tree
According to ancient folklores, the God Katharagama or Skanda Kumar was known to be the past king Mahasen who reigned the southern part of the country(Ruhuna) in ancient times ( even before the time of Lord Buddha) . The ancient stories reveal that the king relinquished the kingdom and became a monk and left to a forest monastery for meditation. We eagerly wait to read the ancient folklores which you have heard of .

It is said that the Devala is built in the kingdom of God Katharagama. The place he met his goddess, “Valli Amma” was known as Sella Katharagama (Another sacred Devala situated near the Main shrine. The place the couple of God Katharagama and Goddess Valli Amma lived, is nowadays known as the ‘Vedahiti Kanda’ . Another folklore says that, When God Kathagama shot an arrow , it had fell on the land of Devala today.

Then why has the Kebaliththa shrine bulit? Have you ever heard of the death of the God Katharagama? As the folklore says, he is an eternal soul, never died, and he still meditates and stays at this ancient sacred land of Kebaliththa Devala.


Remember , You should not visit the shrine just for fun; you have to make it a pure pilgrim, respecting all traditional preparations and customs , before you enter the sacred land. You are supposed to abide few rituals and preparations to maintain a pure soul and a body before you start the journey. You should be pure vegetarian, should not have any alcohol, and live a pure spiritually clean life for 7 days before starting the pilgrimage. It is not a rule, a must, but a strict practice to show the respect towards the miraculous shrine and precaution to ensure the safe return with less harm during the journey with the bless of God Skandha Kumar. Remember to make sure you are clean and prepared for the sacred visit, otherwise the villagers believe that the pilgrims face lot of mystic troubles during the journey.

Route to travel

There are 4 main routes to reach this sacred shrine;

refreshments arranged at the Army camp -Kebaliththa
1. From Yala , Palatuwawa entrance; you may reach the shrine after passing the blocks 1 and 2. This trip is surrounded by mystic beauty of nature , not to mention the difficulty of the challenging and costly trip. Without a minimal number of two 4wheeled vehicles, You will not be permitted to enter the block 2 ,to make the journey through scary backwoods , needing to be more careful. And this is the road that takes the longest time to reach the Devala Land.

2. You can use an alternative way from the entrance of “Galge” , and reach the shrine through block 3. Since this is a newly built road, it is believed to be have a fast trip, minimally taking a day.

3. You have another entrance through Kotiyagala (Monaragala), crossing the Kumbukkan Oya. We advise you to avoid this route, since the safety is not guaranteed by the Wildlife authorities. 

4. You can use the entrance of Kumana Bird Reserve , passing the shrine called “Okanda” Devala. Again , you may cross the “Kumbukkan Oya” , to reach the sacred “Siyabalape Devala”. Most of the Hindu devotees use this route, during the Perahera Festival season of the ancient Kataragama Devala. I must say this is another option that you can enjoy the colourful nature , on the way to Siyabalape Devala.

Our journey

We chose the second route, the one towards “Galge” entrance for our pilgrimage. We hired a 4x4 vehicle from Katharagama and started the trip to Kebaliththa around 7.45 am. We should thank for the helpful guidance of Mr.Madhushan – an officer of Wildlife Authority. It was the 1st time our driver Mr.Prasanna took the Galge route Kebiliththa. We stopped the vehicle for the traditional custom of praying for a safe journey , to be blessed by the God Gambhara,by hanging a branch of a tree , starting the way to Kebaliththa. It is a tradition practiced by folks, when travelling through sacred lands of Gods. We entered the Yala Park , with the blessings of God and with a sacred mind. At the “Thammita” sacred Bo tree, we did the religious prayers, observed Pansil, worshipping flowers and headed to the way to Kebaliththa. We reached the sacred Kebaliththa Devala premises around 11am. Not to forget and we thank the refreshments arranged at the Army camp -Kebaliththa.

Oh, we just reached the sacred land of God Skanda , and the next article will be dedicated to reveal the Devala customs , Pooja, and the amazing events that took place during the stay at Kebaliththa .

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yala Safari - The Nature expedition

Wild Safari !

A popular destination – especially for nature watching. It is going to be a series of posts about a national park best known for its variety of wild animals. Hurry ! we have many things to introduce and explore !Yes , It is Yala wild life , green woods and lands of the giants in the jungle.

Yala National Park , is the second largest and the most visited national park in Sri Lanka. I have to take the chance of several and a series of posts to mention the beauty and the value of this nature reserve. Well, this is going to be the introductory article of Yala.

Yala and its Location

Yala national park lies in two provinces, Southern and Uva, and belongs to Hambantota and Monaragala districts in each. This nature park is maintained by the Ministry for Economical development and the Department of Wild life Conservation. It consists of five blocks all of which are now open to the public. There is a strict forest reserve not accessible by public, green native lands of inherited wild life species. We will dedicate separate posts for each block for you to enjoy some virtual nature trail with us.

There are 2 main entrances to Yala, the first entrance is from Palatupana, passing Tissa , kirinda and Nimalava. Here you get the chance to visit Block 1 and 2 in Yala. The second entrance is at ‘Galge’ on the highway of Katharagama-Buththala letting
you access the Blocks 3,4 and 5.

Let us have a look at some steps to preserve the beauty of Yala and to protect yourself from the giants, while you visit this national park. The variety of wild animals , are not indeed harmless , you have to be very careful , especially maintain the silence, without disturbing their natural noises and life styles .Yala is known as the largest collection of leopards and elephants , yet dangerous, if you distract them. Silence is the best practice for you to watch the most of the animals.

Please do not leave any Polythene item in the national park area , as it cause major poisoning to animals and pollute the green land. Make sure you bring only the ‘lovely memories’ home, and leave only your footsteps in green forests in Yala.

Yala is the most visited wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Most of the visitors stated that reasons for their visit are to see wild animals, and elephant is the most preferred animal. The visitors like to see bears, leopards, birds as well.

A 4-wheeled vehicle is the best for a safari tour inside Yala. You have facilities to hire a 4-wheeled vehicle from the entrances, and please verify it is a real 4-wheeled, before you start! If it is a long safari tour (more than 2 days) , make it a must to have a 4x4. If you visit only for a day, you have no harm choosing a normal but a safe suitable vehicle.

Yala story is not over. Soon I am going to write about the 5 blocks of Yala, variety of wild animals, bungalows, camp sites and ‘Kabaliththa’ ancient shrine inside the sanctuary.

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Explore Lanka International – One stop Party and Event Consultancy Service

Explore Lanka international is proudly announcing the tailor-made event management services for all kinds of gatherings taking place in Sri Lanka. If you are a party lover , this article would be a definite bookmark for you. How did you manage your corporate gathering last time? Were you one of the organizers who missed the party fun and took all pressures till the end? How about a responsible event Manager organizing, coordinating and handling the entire occasion, while you ‘Party to the fullest’? All you need to do is attend on the day! Not a bad idea, ha?

Which Event?

Is it your annual workshop at a star hotel? An outbound training program? A Christmas dinner dance? A corporate entertainment event? A formal seminar? A product launch? A Family gathering ? A wedding? A graduation ball? A theme party ?a religious ceremony?

We are delighted to give you a truly wonderful hassle-free event.

Memories of Explore Lanka as Trip Organizers

Recall the wonderful memories we- Explore Lanka International have achieved as your leisure travel organizer. Still remember the outstanding service of explore Lanka international?

We supported you to decide and find the best destination, delicious food and affordable hotels
with the exact facilities and room rates of your choice.

We guaranteed the quality Vehicles in the best condition, safety driving even suitable for long
distance traveling .

So, don’t plan your next party without the party organizers Explore Lanka International!

Music – That keeps Going !

Some of you , will never want to miss Music - classical , jazz , calypso , rock or whatever you wish to listen , to lighten and brighten the event! Live music can change the atmosphere in to a wonderful one. A One that keeps event going in a lively and a creative way. The bands and tracks you like , no longer be needed to plan for days, instead, let us just know your taste. We – the explore Lanka international – the highly experienced solution provider for even handling will make things happen your way !

A hassle-free Event

if you are the organizer, sure you haven’t enjoyed till the end, last time. Your concern was to organize, not to party with your colleagues. Why not let us organize everything for you. Explore Lanka is passionate to take the responsibility of the total event , and lets you have fun !

Explore Lanka is catering all kinds events as excellent event managers, while being providers of party materials and resources as well. A corporate gathering, family trip, a leadership training, a seminar or a DJ night, a farewell, a birthday party of your kid, or simply any adults or children’s event you need proper planning – now is not a hassle anymore.

If you are out of the country, but still you need someone’s hand to plan, reserve and manage everything here, Explore Lanka International guarantees the best. Until you arrive, we can coordinate the event as you need.

Resource Supply

We supply a huge range of outstanding hotels , vehicles , resource provides, entertainers, party huts and décor , saving your entire time for having fun . We spend time coordinating every moment , spending the total duration with you, and we will be right there for any need.

Our Packages

The rentals and our rates are totally negotiable . Well, it fully depends on your requirements . Explore Lanka international will design at least 4 packages for your event from Luxury to Economy levels. You are given freedom to pick and choose things for your need, these can be as structured or as relaxed as you would like.

Some Memories

Have a look at some of the events we have organized . We - in explore Lanka International are delighted to help whether it is for a small private party at home to a full-blown corporate event to make your dream event a perfect and a hassle-free one!

We guarantee that you will not find any company as passionate about making your event special like Explore Lanka International !

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Lets Camp Again at Meemure ! (Meemure Camping Article 2 )

 Part 01 

It made me write this at my earliest possibility after noticing your positive and promising comments for Article 1. So, I thought of bringing you package 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

However Many Readers had doubts about few aspects which I didn’t mention in the previous article, specially about kids participation and sanitary facilities.

Let us first clarify and discuss your comments and questions.

Question 1 : How about the Payment rates for kids ?
Answer : You may have to bear a cost of only 50% of the total per person rate, for your kid/s between 6 to 12     years of age. And here we offer a 100% discount for the little ones below 6 years of age. It’s totally FREE !

Question 2 : How about the sanitary facilities and services provided by Explore Lanka International ?
Answer : Don’t worry ! We set clean , movable, temporary lavatories. One set for shared use by 5 tourists.

Question 3 : Can the tourist group be larger than 12? Is there any package set for large groups ?
Answer : Of course , yes . There is. We can arrange the tour for a maximum of 22 tourists.

Question 4 : How about a small group ? A group lesser than 12 ?
Answer : Still , YES ! Please check the package 2 and 3 below for more details.

Package 2

I really doubt, this package suits Meemure, but I promise, you deserve this package if you love to stay few days in a luxury hotel while enjoying the beauty and comfort of wonderful climate at Meemure. Especially this suits for a group with little kids, and for those in special physical or medical conditions, still be fond of tasting the nature’s beauty. Here we bring a luxury hotel at the knuckles range, with all amenities. (Please see the Photograph below) . You can choose to stay in luxury tents or cabanas, and taste delicious meals provided by the hotel. You can enjoy the hospitality of the friendly, hotel service staff, 100% assured security and every luxury facility you need, at a rate of SLR 5500.00 per person. Explore Lanka International is ready to arrange comfortable acccomodation for you, while sight-seeing the mountain range , Meemure village at the lowest rate.

Package 3
This package is totally designed and supported by Explore Lanka International. Why not Young and Energetic you, try an unforgettable journey to Meemure, full of PURE ADVENTURE and FUN ???? I bet this is so fun, and interesting and this is full of team work, youth adventure and freedom! How about us, learn and try making a Camp tent on a rocky plain? Make some BBQ at night? Cook a rugged but delicious dinner at the camp fire? Do you remember the rocky plain and the waterfall where the movie “Suriya Arana” was filmed? It is exactly where we camp! Sure you need help , to make this pure adventure true ! Yes, we will come and help you have that adventure night . We all are practically camping out there! Camp fire, BBQ, and the Maximum FUN! This will only cost about SLR 3500.00 per person. Here is the travel plan for reaching Meemure . A train - trip to Kandy (via the Colombo-Kandy Intercity Train) should be taken, and you will have to take a bus to “Lool Kandura”. After all , and an interesting energetic walk of 13KM ! (Yes, it is exclusively for young adventurers! And it is an exclusive Adventure Trail! )

Here we brought all our information , Now it’s time for your reservations. And it’s all designed to suit anyoneof any age , any group and any requirement you are looking for.

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